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Different types of sailing

Each club is different and will offer programs based on their location and resources. In sailing, there are options to sail small boats called dinghies or larger called keelboats. People choose which type of boat they would like to sail based on what is available at their local club, their ability and what they would like to achieve in the sport.

Through Sailability, you can participate in a recreational program or a Discover Sailing Day, Discover Sailing Experience or Discover Sailing Course. You can participate with friends or family, or by joining a group of people of a similar ability. You can discuss which type of sailing and which type of boat is best for you by contacting your nearest Sailability program.


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Recreational programs
are offered by all clubs with Sailability programs and involve group activities run by volunteers. The programs are usually run throughout the sailing season and are very affordable and informal. You can participate with friends or family or join a people of similar ability.

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