Safety is an important part of sailing activities at Discover Sailing

Safety is an important aspect of sailing. Yachting Australia affiliated clubs have an excellent safety record and develop safety and risk management procedures tailored specifically for their location and type of sailing.

Sailing activities at clubs, that are delivered by qualified Race Officials, Instructors and Coaches, provide participants with the reassurance that safety is paramount.

Club dinghy racing requires a safety boat to be on the water as part of an overall safety and risk management plan. The volunteer operating the powerboat with be appropriately qualified and trained.

More broadly racing at clubs is governed by an international set of rules, that includes an extensive set of Safety Regulations that cover the boats, the equipment they have on board, and for ocean racing, the level of crew experience and training.

Participants undertaking a Discover Sailing Experience or Discover Sailing Course are provided with the additional safety and risk management provide by accredited Discover Sailing Centres and Qualified Instructors.