Making a Contribution


Sailing for people with all-abilitiesSailability is a volunteer-based program that helps people of all-abilities get into sailing at sailing clubs.

It is dependent on an extensive and highly-regarded volunteer network, which not only provides the practical support to get participants out on the water, but also undertakes fundraising activities to buy boats and equipment, renovates facilities to make them accessible, funds participants to complete recognised Learn to Sail courses, and assists participants financially in the cost of travelling to compete in events.

There are never enough resources to support the number of people of all-abilities wanting to get out on the water through Sailability and therefore continuous fundraising is needed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sailing, regardless of the barriers that they may have.

Yachting Australia has a registered Yachting Australia Sailability Fund with the Australian Sports Foundation

The purpose of this Fund is to assist in the development of Sailability in Australia by:

  • Increasing participation
  • Training, recognising and developing Instructors, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers
  • Sailor development

You can view the Donations Web Flyer for more information and download Yachting Australia’s Sailability Fund Donation Form here.