Learning how to windsurf

The thrill of windsurfing is second to none. This course caters for those keen to get into windsurfing, right through to those wishing to go on and become instructors.

The program is designed to assist participants in obtaining the necessary skills to deal with all weather conditions, recognise their own limitations and have respect for the elements and provide them with the skills and experience to enjoy the thrill of windsurfing.


Step 1

Start Windsurfing
12 hours 
This course teaches the very basics of windsurfing including teaching participants how to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where they started in light winds.

Step 2

Better Windsurfing
12 hours 
This course is designed to improve windsurfing technique so that you are capable of sailing a course with competence, including board adjustment and improved stance, in light to moderate winds.

Step 3

Start Racing
12 hours 
This course will improve participants control and develop their skills to enable them to windsurf on a variety of boards in a variety of conditions